BANAPHSA (Violet Flower) Whole
  • BANAPHSA (Violet Flower) Whole

BANAPHSA (Violet Flower) Whole

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Tags: Flower

Form:  Whole

Botanical Name : Viola odorata

Usage :  Violet has a long history of use for the lungs, lymph system and as an aid in some cancers. Chronic lymph congestion, swollen glands. Eczema. Allergies and allergic reactions. Soothing, expectorant and anti-infective for the lungs: full cough, dry irritative cough, cough with tough mucous, whooping cough, bronchial asthma. Bladder irritation, difficult urination. Larger doses traditionally used in cancers and tumors esp. of lungs, skin, throat, breasts, stomach, and colon.

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