Chaga Mushroom Canadian 120 Veggie Caps
  • Chaga Mushroom Canadian 120 Veggie Caps

Chaga Mushroom Canadian 120 Veggie Caps

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Chaga Mushroom Canadian 120 Veggie Caps

Chaga mushroom is a non-toxic mushroom with extremely high amount of antioxidants. This mushroom differs from other mushrooms as it grows by extracting nutrient from living trees instead of the dead ones. Chaga mushrooms primarily grow on birch trees and are only found in the coldest locations of the northern hemisphere. This unique factor makes Chaga mushrooms exclusive to Russia, Eastern Europe, Canada, Korea, and some parts in the United States. In addition to this exclusivity, Chaga mushrooms take at least 5 years to mature, and are very rare. Also, Chaga mushrooms cannot be cultivated. Several attempts have been made to cultivate Chaga mushrooms, but every attempt resulted in significantly reduced and different bioactive constituents. The appearance of Chaga mushrooms is similar to burnt wood on the outside, and orange inside. The mushroom is harvested on selected birch trees only once in 20 years. In addition, out of a hundred trees harvested, only 2 % to 3 % of the harvested Chaga are certified as “superior grade”. Many commercial foragers are highly motivated to harvest Chaga mushrooms because of its high value.

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