CHLORELLA Algomed  300 mg, 334 Tablets (100g)
  • CHLORELLA Algomed  300 mg, 334 Tablets (100g)

CHLORELLA Algomed 300 mg, 334 Tablets (100g)

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Algomed Chlorella, Source of Vitamin B12, Iron and Lutein

300 mg, 334 Tablets (100g)

Chlorella has the highest known source of RNA/DNA nucleic acids essential for all forms of life.  It supports the repair of cellular tissue and improves oxygen production.

Algomed Chlorella is cultivated under controlled conditions in glass tubes as opposed to open ponds.

State-of-the-art advanced algae technology fully protects the algae from environmental contaminants.

Algomed Chlorella powder is pressed into 100% pure raw tablets without fillers.

Why buy Algomed Chlorella? Because it is the only proven by science pure chlorella made inside glass tube and not exposed to radiation or toxins like Japanese and Chinese chlorella.

If you are interested in detoxification, then think twice about using Asian chlorella, known to contain toxins and heavy metal as well as radiation from radioactive materials.

Made in Germany

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