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An urgent notice from our team member about carbon monoxide poisoning!

Our beloved herbalist & designer had a close call and asked us to forward her message:

Friends and Family Please Beware!

I Almost Died from High Levels of Carbon Monoxide Poisoning over the course of two days! 

It started on Monday night I became so so tired and developed a low-grade headache. This was not consistent with a cold or flu and there were no gastro issues present...I had a near-death experience with the fevers and chills of the death pangs...totally helpless and weak, I couldn't think or see..I didn't know that someone had covered my basement window from outside with another window over the window well...and there was a charcoal barbecue left on all night by my window in the yard....I couldn't breathe...but my doggie saved my life. My dog kept growling at the window with incessant barking and restlessness got me up! I dragged myself to drink some water and get out of my room....when I heard a roommate suggest to call an ambulance....I pushed myself and was adamant to be left alone..I was afraid for my dog. I was totally disoriented and my vision seemed blurry...I couldn't think. I kept sleeping and sleeping..I couldn't wake up...and when I did I said I felt like I was dying...and how right I was!

Please please protect yourselves from this silent killer! It's summer time and barbecue season....the bbq is what almost killed me!  Please pass this on!…/keep-carbon-monoxide-out-your-home.

At low levels, effects include flu-like symptoms, such as:

shortness of breath
impaired motor functions, such as:
muscle weakness
partial or total loss of function of a body part (limb or limbs)

At high levels, or if you are exposed to low levels for long periods of time, you can experience:

chest pain
poor vision
difficulty thinking

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