Alkaline PH Test Strips Alkazone 50 Pieces

C$27.99 Ex Tax: C$27.99

Alkazone new pH test strips now for water pHRanges: 2.0~10.0pH range 2-10 with color chart50 strips ..

 Caprylic Acid (Slow release) 50 Caps

C$56.00 Ex Tax: C$56.00

This is the only slow release caprylic acid that will reach the colon and the deeper gut. Capryli..

 TURPENTINE Pure Pine Gum Turpentine 500ml

C$25.00 Ex Tax: C$25.00

This is 500 ml of  Pure Gum Turpentine is made by  distilling Pine tree gum. Turpentine ha..

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