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 Caprylic Acid (Slow release) 50 Caps

C$56.00 Ex Tax: C$56.00

This is the only slow release caprylic acid that will reach the colon and the deeper gut. Capryli..


C$8.00 Ex Tax: C$8.00

Form: Powder. Usage:  Activated Charcoal is a naturally occuring element that has ..

Brazilian Propolis 60 Capsules

C$28.00 Ex Tax: C$28.00

Bee Propolis is an old remedy that has been used for thousands of years. Propolis was used as a n..

CHLORELLA Algomed  300 mg, 334 Tablets (100g)

C$52.00 Ex Tax: C$52.00

Algomed Chlorella, Source of Vitamin B12, Iron and Lutein300 mg, 334 Tablets (100g)Chlorella has the..


C$16.00 Ex Tax: C$16.00

Citric Acid is used to lessen the appearance of dark circles and reduces fine lines. It’s an an..


C$35.00 Ex Tax: C$35.00

Shilajit is a Sanskrit word meaning "rock-invincible." It is also spelled "shilajeet," ..

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